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Fabrice LANGE

24 rue de Lisbonne - 75008 Paris
Tél : 0145229020
Pierre Simon
Site web :

Fabrice LANGE
Directeur Associé


Parcours professionnel et compétences

Since 2001, I decided to put myself at the disposal of leaders who aim to sell or transfer their business.

After the founding of the first office in London, I promptly wanted to implement Actoria Switzerland ,
our current Headquaters (, Belgium (, France (, Luxembourg (, Italy (, Spain ( and Morocco (

A general site pools the various offices (

In respect of confidentiality, I aim for in each mission, to provide maximum technical skills to address all issues raised by a take-over operation.

When I have time, I also write regular articles in the press and I'm involved in conferences relating to the Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe.

According to me, the customer must remain central to my reflection and my mission.

Within Actoria, my main objective is to offer a service with a high focus on customer's satisfaction, ethics, confidentiality, mutual trust and total commitment to achieve a goal.

Actoria being implemented in several European countries, I remain available to get around in Europe :)

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